HB Engines
HB Engines

Made in USA with
US and German componets since 1989

HB .12 & .15

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The HB .12 engine family is a renowned engine for durability and performance. Unique firewall mount is an integral part of the crankcase
HB .12
HB .15
HP *
.29 @ 12,000 RPM
.375 @ 10,000 RPM
Practical RPM *
2000 ~ 18,000
2000 ~ 18,000
Porting Arrangement
Loop Scavenged
Loop Scavenged
Bore & Stroke
.531 (13.5mm) x .555 (14mm)
.590 (15mm) x .555 (14mm)
Engine Weight
5.12 oz. (145 gr.)
.12 cu. in. (2 ccm)
.15 cu. in. (2.5 ccm)
Piston/cylinder type
Lapped iron piston / hardened steel liner
Prop Shaft Thread
5 x .8 mm
Connecting Rod
Forged Aluminum bushed at lower end
One piece hardened Steel
Muffler Weight
Full bronze bushing supported crankshaft
O-ring sealed main needle with air bleed idle adjustment, composite body.
Carburetor neck Dia
.390" Dia
Carburetor Throat
*Specification's subject to change depending on fuel, prop, exhaust system, etc.

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