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History and Frequently Asked Questions on the HB 61
Frequently Asked Questions on the HB 61

Don't confuse HB and HP engines... HB engines were produced in Germany by Helmut Bernhardt Feinmechanik and had PDP, Blitz and Stamo models. HP (Hirtenberger Patrone) engines were produced in Austria and now in U.S.A. They have Gold Cup, Silver Star and VT models. These two engines are completely different and no parts interchange.


Target Drone .61's... HB supplied the U.S. military thousands of .61 for RCMAT's (Radio Controlled Military Aerial Target). Some of these engines have made their way into the consumers hands. They were not fitted with a front bearing and used a prop drive/spacer in its place. These can be fitted with a front bearing and new prop driver. You probably don't have one of these, but to check look behind the prop driver and see if there's a ball bearing.


Can an standard .61 be changed to a PDP? To change a standard HB .61 to a PDP version the sleeve and crankcase must be changed. The PDP puts out more torque and has improved fuel economy.


History on the HB 61

The HB .61 was originally introduced as the VECO .61 in about 1972. Known as the German Veco. The Veco name was licensed to HB by K&B and the engine was not to be sold in the US. Some did make it to the US.

Although the engine carried the Veco name is did not share any of the parts of the American Veco .61.

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